The MET Ball: The annual gala that celebrates the annual opening of New York's Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. This is the 'night of the nights' in fashion hosted by VOGUE and the invitees dress-to-impress at this red carpet event. This year the gala was there to celebrate Prada and Schiaparelli's 'Impossible Conversations' exhibition.

I picked the outfits that caught my style hunting eye. The divine ones and the kinda 'funny' ones. 'Funny' as in... Well, you know what I mean.

Anja Rubic dares and looks fabulous. Trashy? No way. She should have thought 'Angelina Jolie times 10; what she does, I can do better'. Where's the underwear? Never mind. Endless long legs all the way to her ears in this Anthony Vaccarello dress. Work that leg, show them what you got Anja. Sexiness all over. Hi there, you endless long leggy. Let's stand a thousand feet tall!

I'mma, I'mma a diva. Fresh mamma BeyoncĂ© looks divine in this eye-catching chic Givenchy gown. The lace, the black and purple feathers, the simple hair and make-up: it's panache. I have to say the dress does not perfectly fit her figure, but this woman just gave birth. Maybe that's the thing. Nevertheless, she works it out with tons of class. I adore her!

Yellow, it's bananas. Solange Knowles looks amazing in this yellow Rachel Roy peplum dress. It simply makes me wanna go on a vaca. It's tropical classiness. This dress perfectly fits her figure and the colour looks beautiful on her caramelized brown skin. It's peplum banana heaven.

Another gorgeous peplum dress, worn by Elizabeth Banks. This time some cool patterns. The Mary Katrantzou dress got class. I really adore the fit and double pepluming. The pattern makes the dress modern and special.

Powdery supremacy. Camilla Belle looks to die for in Ralph Lauren Collection. The metallic sequins and fabric in powdery tones combined with the dark make-up and fifties hair give this look fresh vintage mysteriousness.

Okay, let's see. How will I put this one. It's 'golden' riding hood meets Cleopatra in Dubai. It's like Luther Vandross once sang: 'Never too much, never too much'. Well, I'm a follower of the thought an outfit can almost never be too much. When you are at a fabulous party you're never overdressed, the other invitees are underdressed. I love sequins, I lover capes, I love gold, I love Dolce & Gabbana and I love a bit of hysteria, but it's the combination of all of these which is wrong. Tell me Bianca Brandolini d'Adda, out of which dress-up box did you get this thingy?

Yes. Not the positive 'yes', more the sarcastic one. Florence got some style, but with this dress for the MET Ball she missed the point entirely. She looks like a humongous pale mermaid who just gave birth. Don't get me wrong: I love mermaids, I absolutely love Florence and a combination of those is heaven, but not in a dress kinda way for a MET Gala evening. The Alexander McQueen dress would be exquisite for an exhibition, because it's amazingly well-made and pure craftsmanship. This dress is just too arty for a night like this.

The top of the iceberg. This is fun. Lots of fun. Why didn't somebody tell Donald his face looks like an orange? And why didn't somebody tell misses Trump the overall look is too pointy? Pointy shoulders, pointy pumps, pointy eyes. The look is complete with the eyes though: sowed to her crown, it makes her expression the one of a vicious cat.

All the attention goes to the woman on a night like this. Too bad, because men could be a bit more creative too in my opinion. When the invitation says 'black tie', you can be a bit naughty and add a dashing bow-tie to your outfit or a detailed scarf under the collar of your smoking-jacket. If you wanna go all the way, put on a full coloured smoking. It's maybe not allowed according to the etiquette, but – hell yeah – it's a fashion event, so make that smoking look panache and flaunt it with elan.

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