Alrighty, so she has been around the block, but Tokyo's Park Hyatt still is one of world's most classy hotels. And – hi there – it's situated in one of world's coolest cities: Tokyo. The hotel counts 3 restaurants, 2 bars, a spa, a rooftop pool and 177 rooms. All exquisite! It isn't by accident why Academy Award-winning and nominated movie 'Lost In Translation' was almost exclusively shot at this rocking sky high hotel.

The hotel starts at the 40st floor of Shinjuku's Park Tower building, where you can find the grand lobby and drink your coffee at The Peak Lounge surrounded by glass and bamboo. The rooms are spread from the 41st up to the 51st floor and at the 47th floor you can find the Club On The Park spa and the hotel's divine pool overlooking Tokyo. As if that isn't enough, you'll find the world-famous New York Bar and Grill at the 52nd top level with an exquisite metropolitan view over the vibrant city. This hotel simply breaths panache.

Park Hyatt Tokyo's pale and powdery colour palette sets a relaxing vibe and the service cuts the mustard. The subdued lighting is perfection, which gives the hotel some sexy edge. I love the hotel's cosmopolitan art: it ranges from black and white photographs depicting European cafe life to grand pop-art inspired paintings. The hotel gives you the feeling of a private club that feeds you with luxuriousness and elan.

The wines and cocktails at the sky-touchin' New York Bar are sublime, but most special is the bar's view: it's Tokyo's best. On a clear day you can see all the way to Mount Fujiyama. The bar is known for its live jazz-music performed by various international jazz stars.

This hotel is world-class. Your eyes and definitely your ears, starting at 40st floor, will pop while being a guest at Tokyo's Park Hyatt. Tokyo is already amazing, but staying at this hotel will give your Tokyo-experience an extra dimension.

Visit Park Hyatt Tokyo by clicking here.

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