It has been a heavenly hell of two weeks. Busy times like crazy and don't we love being busy? Yes, we do! And there's is even more busyness coming. Can't wait for that. Yes, 'busyness' not 'business'. Which is actually sort of the same and related, but different. Never mind. Don't forget to check out all the men's fashion shows from all around the globe! Especially the ones from London, Florence, Milan and Paris. London just finished, Florence is happening now, Milan will be there from the 23th till the 25th of June and Paris from the 27th of June till the 1st of July. There you go!

Livin' the elan life is the best. The 'elan life'? What the freak is this MR ELAN PANACHE-thing talking about? Well, the 'elan life' is all about living your life with outstanding enthusiasm. Add a bit of 'panache' to it and you are living that oustanding enthusiastic life with dashing style. That's how simple it is. Boom-bada-boom.

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A big EXCUSEZ-MOI for not posting anything for some time now. I love you guys for checking out my blog! I won't keep you hanging. Except from having 'I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe!' on my mind and singing this out loud for the past two weeks (and still) I got really inspired by tons of stuff. Busy times inspire so my head is flooding with things for the blog. So keep checking me out.

En-route for work. Okay, okay, I'm kiddin'. Who's in for a vaca?

For now: spread some love, don't give to receive!

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On Thursday the 7th of June I went to Arnhem to see the runway show of the collections of the graduates of ArtEZ, the Institute of Fine Arts. Yes, we have to be proud Dutchies. Damn, there's a lot of fashion talent in The Netherlands. Respect for the Bachelor Fashion Design graduates of 2012. Their final work is only just the beginning of their fashion future. And there was some real coolness and style for my eyes at that runway. I bet there is a big talent in 2012's bunch.

The show was held at a massive old building at an industrial park in Arnhem. A really cool setting: it was rough, yet stylish. The show started off with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year Collections followed by, the highlight of the evening, the catwalk show of the collections of the 20 graduates. A cool mix of fashion: some renewing, some really outspoken, some bold, some classy and some rough.

© Team Peter Stigter

© Team Peter Stigter

© Team Peter Stigter

© Team Peter Stigter

Of course you will always have your favourites on a night like this. The once that caught my eye were the collections of Eefje Wijnings and Maxime Cartens.

Eefje's collection is called 'Hemiphere' and showed black and white pieces with brown details and amazing graphic work in shape and simple print. The collection was outspoken, but with tons of elegance.

© Team Peter Stigter

© Team Peter Stigter

Maxime's collection, named 'FIKA', on the other hand showed us cool use of fabrics in bold pastels with cool transparent detailing. This collection is wearable, but special. Because of the use of different fabrics and the amazing fit the overall looks really panache.

Julian Stips also needs a shout-out for his fun collection called 'Mood Mosaic'. Maybe it's because of my Spanish half (it's not a tan, I'm half Spanish), but his feminine high-class toreador inspired collection really stood out in the bunch.

© Team Peter Stigter

© Team Peter Stigter

The graduates who have shown their work to the world on Thursday the 7th of June contribute to the fashion of tomorrow. How freakin' cool is that?! It is fashion future.

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A big, big toast to 150 years of Bacardi. To celebrate this 150th anniversary, the Cuban spirit decided to through some bashes. Not one, but one hundred and fifty parties to be precise. Yes, you've read that correctly. ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY. So put on those dancing shoes, work your attire and fix that hair fiercely.

Bacardi was founded on February the 4th, 1862 by – there it comes – Don Facundo Bacardí Massó in Santigo de Cuba. Hail to Mr. Bacardi, because his cocktails are lip-licking good. Bacardi revolutionized the spirits industry by pioneering and developing many rum-making standards. A big hooray to 150 years of that!

On an evening like this Bacardi brings the elan crowd together to make a little love, do some big dancey moves on awesome tunes and – of course – to sip those damn tasty cocktails. The first Bacardi Birthday Bash took place in the beloved city of Amsterdam on Friday the 1st of June at a fabulous location. I've had a ball at the first party with a bunch of my besties.

The expectations were high as Bacardi promised us a Bacardi-evening like never before. Guess what? They did a bloody good job! The invite-only party was held at 'Het Sieraad' in Amsterdam. A freaking cool venue with different areas and a beautiful main hall, where the main stage was located, with a panache 15-meter high glass ceiling.

People looked fly, the DJ's boomed those turntables, the Showpony-dancers and runners were gorgeously fierce and the shakers shook those Mojito's, Oakhearts and Cuba Libres like bellydancers move their bodies. Lots of people went home with sore feet, which was the perfect answer to a night of Bacar-dé-par-té-success. Next please!

To visit Bacardi's 150th anniversary site click here.
Watch the 150-party-Bacardi-video by clicking here.

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If your interior has a stylish inside-out look with blue, silver and pastel accents and you are situated at the top-level of the modern art museum of Paris, The Centre Pompidou, you know you're on the right track. In fact you're a hot spot. A sizzling hot spot. I'm talking about restaurant 'Georges' in Paris. At Georges you will find yourself in dashing architecture which conforms to the centre's novel structure. Surely not to forgot: Georges' amazing view, which is probably one of the best in Paris.

The panache mod-chic design and he divine food and wines make you feel like you're in trendy design panoramic heaven for a moment. Even when you visit Georges frequently, the spot stays amazing with its futuristic design. At Georges the menu offers a fusion of the French and the Vietnamese kitchen. You aren't just 'a night at a restaurant' at this particular spot; a dinner at Georges is an experience.

Located at the 6th level of 'The Centre Georges Pompidou', Georges' view is breathtaking. The panorama is unique as you can see from the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame all the way to Montmartre's Sacré-Cœur. This restaurant in the heart of Paris has certainly one of the best views in town. Since you're in Paris on a warm and sultry night you definitely have to book a table at the restaurant's terrace, which is simply phenomenal.

This rooftop restaurant is top-notch and you have to visit it while staying in Paris. Frolic and drink a glass, enjoy some bites and get entertained by the view of picturesque Paris. Do it the elan way; live the elan living!

Visit Georges online by clicking here.

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