Our yellow diamond is breaking through. It took a while, but I think summer is finally on our side. Time for some fresh Italian tailored summer style. Style from one to watch: Christian Pellizzari. He is bringing us some urban dandyness with a cultural twist. Damn, I likey like his spring/summer 2012 collection.

Christian Pellizzari was born in Treviso near Venice, Italy. Pellizzari started designing at a young age and he simply knew he had some real talent. Treviso was to small for this elan uomo, so at the age of 20 he decided to move to Florence to study at Polimoda, the international institute for fashion design and marketing. After graduating he worked for Tonello and nourished his love for formal tailored jackets. He moved to Paris to find the perfect mix between the French panache and the Italian passion.

Worked for Vionett and Jay Ahr in Paris, Christian started his own men's label in January 2011, named after the man himself: ChristianPellizzari. Shackles of my feet so I can dance. Gosh, I'm crazy about his label!

For spring/summer 2012 Pellizzari was inspired by the cities of Istanbul, Venice and Paris. He designed a collection for a contemporary Italian dandy, but with an urban twist. The colour palette is predominated by cloudy grays, sands and dark blues. With some uplifting ocher accents, the overall looks fresh and clean. He added some really nice details and patterns to spice it all up, which led to amazingness.

The colours of Istanbul, combined with the Parisian panache and some Venice passion make this look original. The blazer takes the center stage in his collection. A thing I love, because I'm a jacket kinda guy. On top of all Christian Pellizzari is a textile virtuoso: the jackets range from wool and tweed to silk and leather. I'm crazy about the fit as well: he mashed some classic jackets with loose, but well-fitted pants. The collection features smokings and more easy-going looks, but all chic and dashing.

Christian Pellizzari is absolutely one to put on your 'brands-to-watch-list'. His mixes of different fashion cultures make his style fresh and new. Classic tailored, but all with some swaggy elegance. I can't wait to see more. Bring it on Pellizzari!

To visit Christian Pellizzari online click here.

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