It's spring, so bring that colour on even if it's slightly and even if our big yellowish friend isn't shining. Today I decided to dress in cobalt and vintage reds. Obvious not matching colours, but that's the secret.

I love bordeaux red and every shade of it. A bag, scarfs, T's, pants: I got it all in the vintage variation of the colour of love and lust. To live my outfit up I added some cobalt to it. And, of course, a scarf. Especially in the summer I'm crazy about scarves. It's perfect when it's getting chilly at the end of sunny spring day and it just makes your look more you. I have to admit: I got a scarf addiction. More about that shortly. For now: true blue baby I love a vintage red you.




It's spring, summer is coming up and I'm feeling so damn beachy. That's probably why my thoughts keep drifting off to a beach I visited some time ago. Not just a beach, Whitehaven Beach.

Whitehaven Beach is the jewel in the crown of the Whitsunday Islands. Without a doubt Whitehaven is one of world's most stunning beaches. It's located in Australia's Great Barrier Reef at Whitsunday Island. The breathtaking snow white beach got you 'beachstruck' in the glimpse of an eye.

With its crystal clear water, ultra clean sand and a 7 km long stretch you will find yourself in paradise at Whitehaven Beach. Although Whitehaven Beach is a well known beach among travellers, it's never crowed. Probably because it's not that easy to go there. It's still a hidden treasure. And gosh, we love treasures. Don't we?!

You can do some amazing snorkeling there as well!

Whitehaven is known for its sparkling white sand. The sand at the beach consists of 98 percent pure white silica, which gives the sand its crispy white colour. The sand is so clean and pure that you can scrub your skin with it and it will feel as soft as a baby bum. You can even polish up your jewellery with it. And I can tell you: the jeweller will be jealous of your swag's shininess.

A visit to this amazing beach is a feast for your senses, makes you feel panache and feeds you with lots of elan. You just have to go there once in your life!



The modern Japanese cuisine at its best. That's what Zuma delivers. Zuma brings a sophisticated twist on the traditional Izakaya style of informal dining. The Japanese menu is extensive and everyhting on it sounds too good to be true, so it might take a while once you've decided what to take.

I myself visited Zuma in Hong Kong and London and since then it is one of my favourite restaurants in the world. Besides the two cities I just mentioned the restaurant is also situated in Dubai, Miami and Bankok and from mid May also in Beirut. In all settled cities Zuma is a resounding success.

The sleek interior consisting of lots of glass, steel and light wood gives this global hot spot an open, fresh, airy, modern and chic ambiance. Because of the spacious design Zuma feels impressively interactive, which is one of the reasons the bar is always crowded, every night of the week. After dining the elan crowd settles down at Zuma's bar area for some tasty cocktails. Not feeling cocktailish? Treat yourself to one of the 40 sakes Zuma has to offer.

For those who want more privacy, Zuma also offers Private Rooms, where select groups could dine and have their own private affair.

I'm really fond of Hong Kong's Zuma. Dining here is perfect, because it's located next to The Landmark, which is one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Hong Kong. Starving from shopping - no matter if it's window or real shopping - you can sit down and enjoy the exquisite food provided by Zuma's skilled chefs.

My menu's favourite at Zuma is the Zuma Nigiri Sushi (with trufle, plum, wagyu beef and caviar). Can't decide what to order? Indulge in the new tasting menu. This menu exists of six or seven courses that includes miso soup, maki, sashimi, lobster, black cod and more. It all comes with fresh wasabi, grated at your table. Not to forget: take at least one of the desserts. They are all unbeatable delicious!

Martin Archer |

At Zuma it's all about detail, whether it's in dining requests, food quality, ambiance, design or attentive staff. Hopefully Zuma will establish itself in Amsterdam one day. Thinking of this makes my mouth water.

Visit Zuma virtually by clicking here.



Let's celebrate the bow-tie! I Love bow-ties, with a capital 'L'. I try to wear them as often as possible. The bow-tie suits the elan living perfectly and wearing one you look more panache than ever. It simply perks up your outfit. The bow-tie is something you can wear all year long and not only during a special occasion. The big runway shows in the fashion capitals of the world - especially the ones in Milan and NYC - show you this: bow-ties are there to be worn. Every season.

Allesandro Garofalo |

Monica Feudi |

Filippo Fior |

Yannis Vlamos |

Michael Bastian

Amanda De Simone |

Marcus Tondo |

In the 17th century Croat mercenaries used scarves around their neck to hold the opening of their shirt together. The upper class from France soon adopted this habit and flourished around town. France, as a leader in fashion, showed everybody how 'chique' a bow-tie is. The bow-tie was born and developed to the one it is nowadays.

Every now and then a woman got to go in the back of that closet and pull out that freakum dress. Well, men out there, a good suit is the male version of that freakum dress and there is nothing better than to combine that suit with a bow-tie. A bow-tie is like the heels under a freakum dress. It is that crispy layer topping your crème brûlée.

Not in the mood for a suit? Simply add your bow-tie to a casual outfit like I often do. Take a look at my bow-tie wearings.

Wearing a bow-tie is a way of expressing an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think. Just do what you have to do. Don't let anybody tell you you can't. One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what people say you cannot do. 

A bow-tie stands for subdued hysteria. Wearing one is like you're performing Beyoncé's 'Crazy in Love', without dancing. It is as if you are moving like Jagger, without moving. It's like saying a lot, without saying one single thing.

And now work that bow-tie!



The ones in The Netherlands who don't now about this, probably lived under the biggest rock in town for the last few weeks. The Dutch Vogue has arrived with the lovely Karin Swerink at the wheel. I expected the magazine to look amazing, but it goes beyond my expectations: seeing it with my own eyes, VOGUE NL looks divine.

VOGUE NL's first cover with the beyond gorgeous models Romee, Ymre and Josefien shot by Marc de Groot

The fashion spreads, the interviews (especially the ones with Inez and Vinoodh and with the Rodarte-duo), the cover, the shoppings, the Dutch models, the art direction, VOGUE's favourite places: I love it all! The magazine is different from other issues of VOGUE around the globe and I can already sense their own style with a bit of stubbornness and lots of Dutch pride.

'Pastels en pierementen' in VOGUE NL

The magazine looks extremely international and so does the fresh VOGUE NL site, which inspires you to the fullest. The magazine's launch was rare for Dutch concepts. It started with a breakfast at the Conservatorium Hotel for all the VOGUE NL contributors. This was followed by a lunch at George W.P.A. for Dutch fashion bloggers and online media. All of this was topped with a grand party at one of Amsterdam's most extraordinary locations: Felix Meritis. As if this all wasn't enough, there was an after party at Café George. How fabulous?!

Editor in chief | Karin Swerink

The Netherlands already started counting as a fashion country, but with VOGUE NL Holland put his stamp on the imaginary world of fashion all over the world. The magazine makes me proud to be a Dutchie. C'mon Vogue!

What about a men's page in VOGUE NL?! That would be so damn cool! Can't wait for that.

Get inspired and enjoyed by VOGUE online by clicking here.