Hell yeah, the second international issue of biannual magazine PRESTAGE is finally there. Sold worldwide in over 22 countries you can easily say this Dutch magazine is the most international one in the bunch and, all mighty, it looks divine.

The new issue is named 'The Magic Number Seven Minus Two' and magic it is. The series, the interviews, the newly discovered talents, the lay-out, the feel, the look, the cover(s), the launch party: it all breaths panache and elan, just the way I adore it. As you may now I love launches and especially when it's a dashing one, so of course I was there to celebrate this joyful new issue.

PRESTAGE is one of my favourite fashion magazines without one single doubt. So what makes this all even better? Well, the magazine asked me to do the styling for a serie, photographed by Robin de Puy, with swagful artist Cata.Pirata who's the lead singer in the amazing South-African/Dutch band Skip & Die. I was filled and thrilled with happiness and the result turned out amazing if I may say so myself. The shoot was there, 'cause PRESTAGE interviewed rising star Cata about the band, her life, her thoughts, experiences and motivations. Now you wanna know what it all looks like, right? I know you want want. Okay, ready?! Here it comes!

Besides my very own shoot, I assited stylist and PRESTAGE's fashion director Amber Myhre Bosch with some exquisite shoots in the magazine as well. Apart from that there are some more shoots I absolutely fell in love with. I picked some of my favourite pages out of the new issue. I'll tease you with some cool snaps. Start drooling and get indulged!

After all of this I got you kinda hooked, right? Well, in Holland PRESTAGE is available at Bruna, Ako, Selexys and Atheneum and worldwide in the greater book and magazine shops. Besides that it's sold at some of the globe's most panache fashion stores as Colette in Paris and Selfridges in London, at over fifty selling points in NYC and more points situated from Amsterdam to Tokyo. So move that bun and get it over to the store to buy this dazzling magazine. You won't regret it, I promise you with all my heart.

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