It has been way-way too long since my last blogpost, but guess what? My elan is back. With tons of panache of course. Amen to that! It all went blank as I didn't know what to blog about any longer. The case is I had to find the renewed me. Meaning I had to be more selective and search for cool stuff I adore to the fullest. Well, here I am again. Say hai y'all!

My off-blogging time wasn't dull and quiet though. All that happened was there to sparkle me up with a new boost of smashing new energy. Looking back there were two big off-work highlights. Don't the hell tell me why, but these two were my oh-so-sunny relaxing vacation to España and a panache celebration of Halloween with my beloved bestests. A moment of coming to oneself and a moment to realize you have to love the things you DO have. 

I'm a traveller and I love to explore and search for hot-spots and hidden places, but going to our family home in España stays amazing. It's all about doing nothing. Totally nothing. Just embrace the sun and eat delicacies. So that's what I did. 

After a time of clearing my mind and refinding a treasure of new energy, work started again and it started good. Lots of awesome styling work, but still there were some things that had to be done. So there was our annual gathering of dead cocaine icons, pumping whores and wacko serial killers, portaging the name 'Halloween'. It was a thriller night and, gosh, we got our freak on so damn hard. This for me was the end of chapter whereupon all new started. What better way to close a period dying with your bros and sisters and raise from death? I know, barely nothing. Don't believe me? Look at here!

I know this all sounded as if my mental state was in a condition of total wackoness and depression, but it surely wasn't. I just found the rose golden key to new inspiration and energy. MR ELAN PANACHE is back and he'll give you some. Bring it on! BAM.

Halloween photos by Kristel Lodema Photography.

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