El amor pasa a través del estómago. Oh, yes, this means 'love goes through the stomach'. I'm a real foody, so in my case it sure does. Cook me a finger-licking fantastic meal, dine in an idyllic setting, flaunt your swag and I'm sold. Mercat got this all. Mer-what? This new Spanish restaurant hit Amsterdam on the 2nd of September and is a hotspot already. I was at the elan opening on the 9th of September to stuff myself with some Español delicacies. Olé!
Mercat is an addition to the group of toothsome restaurants as among others Envy, Nevy and Mazzo. So after a haute cuisine, a specialized fish and an Italian restaurant, father-company IQ Creative decided it was time to bring some great Spanishness to town. With success, I have to say, as this restaurant is a true Spanish gem and a glorification for your senses.

I simply can't stop eating while being here. It's not a tan, I'm half Spanish, so you can count on me knowing the Spanish kitchen very well. The pinchos, albondigas, iberico, pata negra, paella and other divines get the fiesta started in your boca (meaning 'mouth' for you Spanish information). I can smoothly say this newbie shot from nowhere right into my top 5 of restaurants in Amsterdam, without one single doubt. Need prove? The restaurant opened 2 weeks ago and I already spoiled myself 3 times there. HA!



Disfrutar, canta and comer! I will absolutely volver (meaning 'return') at Mercat. Fiesta, fiesta! The food, the vino, the staff, the look, the feel: it's all divine. Treat yourself to Spanish bites at the Oostelijke Handelskade 4, Amsterdam. Here's their number, so call them crazy: +31 (0)20 344 64 24. Oh hunnai, you definitely won't regret your foody visit here!
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  1. Schat! hoe gaat ie? ik zie net opeens per toeval je artikel oppoppen op facebook.. Nice.. as I ADORE food... I just started a new foodblog since yesterday.. please check it out! hope to see you soon.

    Eva Lia aka The Cookteaser ;)

  2. Cool blog, love it!

    Below is my blog, please feel free to check it out! ; )