August is a month of doubleness in fashion. It's the month of deadlines, the lull before the storm and the end of another awesome fashion year. But appearance can be deceiving, as backstage there's tons of overheated work going on: magazine's September issues have to come out, lots of shooting and writing and designers need to fix their runway looks for the fashion weeks that will come up starting with New York Fashion Week on the 6th of September, immediately followed by the fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris.
It has been a heavenly hell of a busy month of August for me with lots of styling work, so MR ELAN PANACHE was on a little vacation. He surely did move his ass tho. In August some cool events found place which I definitely have to share with you. From a panache high-tea at jewellery designer Bibi van der Velden to a 'walk-that-walk' runway gathering at Amsterdam's most panache street to the launch of Dutch VOGUE's very first September issue. Let me holla you for a minute and tell y'all about it!
Bibi van der Velden is internationally known for her distinctive and majestic jewellery. Inspired by the mystique of her childhood and the love to travel and discover the world, her designs embody the perfect clash between couture and fine arts.

To introduce the younger genaration to Bibi's work, she decided to invite a group of young bloggers to a high-tea at her beautiful studio called White Space. She told us about her collections, showed us her amazingness and the amount of work and attention she pays to each jewel she creates. Each of her designs tell a story and, gosh, I'm in love with Bibi's jewellery.

Holland counts as a fashion country without one single doubt. We have our own VOGUE. Does that make sense? Uh, hell yeah! March this year Dutch VOGUE saw daylight. Now it's September and – I'm assuming all fashion people know – year's biggest fashion issue came out. I was at the panache launch at Amsterdam's Dam square right in front of the queen's Royal Palace. A fashion parade it was on a sunny day in the early morning. C'mon vogue!


It's summer and the weather in Holland can turn upside down within an hour. So let's make it clear that if there's any sun and warmth we simply have to go to the beach, each, and have some fun (this beat is sick). Easy, breezy, (beautiful covergirl) so that's what I did with some of my loves. Why am I sharing this with you? HA! That's because I'm a beachy person and I just need to share my beach visits with all of you. VoilĂ !

Previously featured on MR ELAN PANACHE was a pop-up concert of soon to be opened store Weekday in Amsterdam. Well, the time has arrived and the Swedish brand openened an alluring flagship in the heart of my beloved city. Wanna see some? Alright, there you go. BAM!

Each year Dutch Grazia host a catwalk event at Amsterdam's most panache shopping street: the P.C. Hooftstraat. Sipping champagne and oysters and nibbling macarons, while watching a parade of 150 models on an intense long catwalk. At this runway the P.C. shops show us what they have to offer for the new fashion season. A tasty gathering combined with fashion on a Sunday. What else do you need on the last day of your week? That's what I was thinking: not much.

I'm a chocolate addict and yet – I don't know if this is good or bad – I found another delicious chocolate brand with some amazing flavours as dark chocolate with violets, vigs or apple pie. Besides the fact this chocolat is a glorification for your senses it's good looking as well. The eye wants some too. I mean, we all love to stare at beautiful things and start drooling, don't we? Yes we do. Try SO choco, I'm a fan.

They say September is the January of fashion, so I have to wish y'all a fabulous swaggy stylish happy new year! On to another elan year of fashion with lost panache.
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