Clean, cleaner, cleanest. I may be a bit neurotic and love my house in a state as if Cinderella just has left the building, style-wise it's different. I'm a clothing chameleon, but a clean look is one of my favourites. Not just the normal clean. I'm talking about clean with an edge. Filippa K knows how to turn clean into different. They combine timeless simplicity with contemporary edge. Modern style, quality and simplicity predominate Filippa's philosophy. The Swedish brand brings clothing for sophisticated urbanites, with eye for detail, who are still curious enough to add some fashion to their outfit. Something you can see in their latest AW12 men collection. And guess what? I've got something nice for you. Join me at Filippa's AW12 collection presentation. I have some backstage snaps and a short movie of the intimate event. Don't you love it? I do!

Filippa K's AW12 men collection consists of a raw, contemporary look filled with cool hidden details as a leather collar and rustic and technical materials as boiled wool and sharp cotton. Combined with handpicked pieces and accessories the collection tells the story of a young, smart and relaxed traveller who dares to add his own personal touch to his outfit.

The collection presentation was perfectly in line with the collection as it was a more intimate, relaxed and small presentation, with not too much people. The cool thing was you could feel the fabrics yourself and could take a closer look at the collection's details. It seems like the more laid-back-collection-presentation is a hyping thing as more brands do this lately. I love fashion shows, but I have to say I'm lovin' this intimate kinda way of brands showing their collection. I'm cheering to that!

With Filippa's AW12 men collection you can be easily on the move, while looking sophisticated, yet effortlessly stylish. Adding some Filippa to your outfit gives it that little bit of Scandinavian swag, with modern minimalism and high quality design. What else do you want on a breezy autumn day? I know bro, not much.

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