The inaugural 'London Collections: Men' is a fact. The London Collections: Men reflects all the different kind of polarities and the great strength of British menswear, which varies from edgy and creative street style to very traditional tailoring. I dress to how I feel, which makes me a clothing chameleon, so the diversity of the London Collections is why I absolutely love British menswear and so I love London Collections: Men.

I've made a selection out of all the designer that showed their style and fashion skills at London Collections: Men. Seven collections caught my eye, all different with their very own (amazing) signature.

Let's start off with E. Tautz. I'm a hugh fan of capes so E. already got me with his first look: a pink cape. Tautz came with clean silhouettes and fresh colours. His collection was elegant, but enjoyed with wit, which gave the clean tailoring a refreshing twist I really liked.

Richard Nicoll demonstrated the perfect clash between sportswear and tailoring. His SS13 clothing consists of white/grey pastels and blues, fitted, but very relaxed. I'm a jean jacket addict so Nicoll definitely took me with his jean jacket piece with coated breast pockets and collar. His dandyish sportswear vibe breaths awesome spring days.


Then we have Mr. Start. His designing signatures are modern and architectural. Something you can really see in this collection. Colours are off-shaded and not too outspoken, but there's some insanely good tailoring going on here. His jackets are heaven to me; I love them all. Gee, I could wear something out of his SS13 collection every day.

Topman Design, the in-house designed premium collection of Topman, showed graphic floralness and some stripbook prints with a clash between skaters and surfers. Say what? Just look at the pictures, then you know what I mean. Topman Design's recent past seemed to have been shelved with this collection as it was far more sophisticated, but I don't mind that. This SS13 collection is bold coloured sportyish street style how it should be!

Christopher Shannon absolutely deserves a price for originality and standing out with his SS13 collection. He added a good amount of drama to his collection, but it's still wearable. I'm in love with Shannon's layer-detailed shorts!

Panache it is. Spencer Hart's collection is classic with an edge. I adore Spencer's combination of sands on black. His collection looks effortlessly cool. It looks sharp and chique, but still casual with a perfect fit.

Last but definitely not least is Xander Zhou. Goodness, his collection looks pretty cool. The Bejing based designer dares to stand out with his picturesque and eye-catching clothing. At the behest of GQ China Xander Zhou went to London to show his work and I totally understand why. Zhou's SS13 collection screams for some cool editorial work.

I can't wait for the next London Collections: Men as SS13 showed us some amazing diversity in style and fashion. I think London is the world's place where you can really see the cool influence of street style on designing. To me this really makes fashion interesting, lively and contemporary. Gosh, I can't get over all the coolness they've showed!

Photos by and Yannis Vlamos |

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