It has been a heavenly hell of two weeks. Busy times like crazy and don't we love being busy? Yes, we do! And there's is even more busyness coming. Can't wait for that. Yes, 'busyness' not 'business'. Which is actually sort of the same and related, but different. Never mind. Don't forget to check out all the men's fashion shows from all around the globe! Especially the ones from London, Florence, Milan and Paris. London just finished, Florence is happening now, Milan will be there from the 23th till the 25th of June and Paris from the 27th of June till the 1st of July. There you go!

Livin' the elan life is the best. The 'elan life'? What the freak is this MR ELAN PANACHE-thing talking about? Well, the 'elan life' is all about living your life with outstanding enthusiasm. Add a bit of 'panache' to it and you are living that oustanding enthusiastic life with dashing style. That's how simple it is. Boom-bada-boom.

By following me on Instagram you can see how I live the elan living. You can follow me. You don't have to. It would be nice of you. Check out my elan captures or is my words: ELANSTAGRAM. Follow me by clicking here.

A big EXCUSEZ-MOI for not posting anything for some time now. I love you guys for checking out my blog! I won't keep you hanging. Except from having 'I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe!' on my mind and singing this out loud for the past two weeks (and still) I got really inspired by tons of stuff. Busy times inspire so my head is flooding with things for the blog. So keep checking me out.

En-route for work. Okay, okay, I'm kiddin'. Who's in for a vaca?

For now: spread some love, don't give to receive!

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