A sturdy parade of swag and coolness came down the runway when the Individuals by AMFI showed their SS13 collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week. An intensively strong show, amazing designs, lots of awesome use of materials, some mysteriousness and cool beats.

Desert warriors who met mysterious nomadic tribes who flaunt through the sands of the African dessert on their way to reach their beloved final destination with a bit of Star Wars on the side. That's what came to my mind during the show. No people, I'm not ready to go to the nut-house. I know it is kinda hysterical, but it really looked like that and in my opinion that's something good. Real good. Individuals by AMFI keeps surprising me. They come up with a stronger collection each year. Where their AW12 collection existed of a force of blacks and grays, this collection is lighter in colour and much more lively.

The SS13 collection is called 'Roots' and is a follow-up of Individuals' AW12 collection, which you can strongly see. Because of the use of more colour and some amazing styling, the SS13 collection looked even better than the AW12 collection. There were lots of unexpected combinations in references, material and design, which I totally love. Especially the use of colour took me. The colour wasn't necessarily surprising, but it really is a palette I love: white, black, camel and bourdeaux.

I saw some amazing eye for detail which manifested itself in lots of jewellery which was the cherry on the cake at this show. By adding jewellery, the collection looked younger and more layered. It actually completed the story's collection. Besides the jewellery, the well-made hooded leather jackets caught my eye as well. Can someone arrange one of those for me right now? Thanks! I loved the fact the show started out dark with heavy music and ended in white with almost total silence.

The whole concept of the show was perfection and it is way too bad that they haven't got some men's wear. I will be the first man in line to gallivant in one of Indivuals' wondrous designs. Keep it up young creatives of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, you're bringing us awesomeness!

Photos by Melody Lieftink |

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