One, two, three, FOUR. As there was a growing demand for a men's store with cool high-end labels in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the Azzurro Fashion Group decided to come up with an international store with, exclusively, labels to die for. VoilĂ : FOUR Amsterdam was born. Amsterdam is doing good with its men's stores, but with this new addition we are definitely putting our mark on Amsterdam as a men's fashion capital.

Yes, we got some stylish men in our city, so bring it on with some amazing men's stores. I mean we have to dress ourselves sharply, don't we? Oh yeah, I'm considering myself as a stylish man by saying 'we' in the last sentence, I am aware of that. Well, it would be weird if I wouldn't consider myself stylish talking about men's fashion and style and doing my thing on this blog, don't cha think? But I won't deviate, as this post isn't about me, it's about FOUR Amsterdam, the new store I adore.

FOUR knows what stylish men want: not only one look, but more looks. The store exists of 240 square meters spread over three levels of what I call 'The Men's Heaven of Fashion'. Brands vary from Tom Ford and Raf Simons to Neighborhood and New Balance. So tell me what you want, what you really, really want. I will elucidate the store's superb grouping in the following sentence. The ground floor is selling 'cool fashion' with premium labels as Mark McNairy, Neil Barrett and Marni, the top floor sells more 'tailored roughness' with heavenly high-ends as Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen and the basement knows how to make it 'street-style' with brands as Momotaro and Mr. Bathing Ape. I know, it sounds almost to good to be true. Well, it actually is.

As if all of this isn't enough, FOUR has more to offer. I'm talking about gadgets, accessories and more. What? More again? Yes. The store created a concept that complements the customer's life style where you have to think of exhibitions, launches, specials collaboration with designers and who knows what else. All of this in an eye-catching three floor connected metal frame designed by JSPR and with a booming VOID sound system so that DJ's can bring us the best beats while shopping.

Altogether we can say Amsterdam's level of panache-ness has been increased with the advent of FOUR. A new store is there in all its glory and I likey like it!

Photos by Marjon Hoogervorst |

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