It was a busy, changing, energetic and amazing week. A lot of good stuff happened. It doesn't feel like one week, more like two or three. It finally feels like everything falls into place and I feel more ready than ever. Let's make a little love and do a little dance!

Today's highlight was Tommy Hilfiger's Promise collection launch. The collection features pieces that either have been produced in Africa or that use locally sourced cotton. The collection is inspired by vibrant designs from various African countries. All profits from the range will be invested into Millennium Promise: a charity set up namely to halve extreme poverty in Africa.

It was great to attend Hilfiger's private launch of the Promise collection. It was quite busy, which is always good; nice people, good beats, good drinks and beautiful charity.

Melody Lieftink |

A very exciting day. At 1 o’clock I had a job interview at Amber Myhre Bosch Styling. Amber styles among others Sabrina Starke and Tiesto, is the fashion director of Prestage magazine and works for magazines Glamcult, Elegance, LINDA. and more.

I got the job! Exciting times ahead now and I'm lovin' it to the fullest. Of course I had to celebrate this with some friends. At the terrace. In the sun. Likey like!

Two events this evening: Baskèts' opening and When Blue Blood Meets Artists. First Baskèts, then Blue Blood. In my previous blogpost you can read how crazy I am about fresh new sneaker store Baskèts. It's swaggy high-end sneaker heaven!

Sipped some Absoluts at Baskèts the whole clan migrated to Ludwig II where the Blue Blood event took place. At Blue Blood's event I was crazy about the customized jean overalls made by artists Merijn Kavelaars, Lize Korpershoek, Bobby Wassenaar, Boudewijn van Ingen, Venour and The Olifants. Except from the cool and arty overalls, the tunes were really good so we danced and dougied into the night.

Melody Lieftink |

The first day at my new work. It started off with a meeting for a new project I can't tell something about yet. It's gonna be a cool video; that's all I can say. Woop!

A relaxing Sunday. That's all.

A day of styling and shopping at the PR-agencies for a running project. Today's inspirational trip is Damir Doma and Rick Owens. Mysteriousness and edge, but make it more commercial: that's the styling assignment.

Yanis Vlamos |

I was very excited about a cool meeting at Björn Borg today. I adore their undies: they are the best. More about that shortly. Björn Borg got a present for me. Thanks a lot for that! Now I can bootcamp and squat it in Björn Borg style. Ejo!

I got some cool things on my mind. Hint: I love Bootcamp, I love music, I love to stand out, I love to dance and I love Björn Borg. That's all I can say for now. I'll keep you posted through my twitter.

On Wednesday morning I'm always pumping it at The Bootcamp Club. At 7 am. Just sayin'.

In my opinion you always have to work it in style. Comfortable style to be precise. This particular morning I moved my ass in Björn Borg's lovely green sportswear and a hysterical Versace by H&M cap. Teach me how to dougie!

In the afternoon there was a VIP sample sale of one of the coolest brands of the moment: Avelon. I'm totally in the Avelon vibe at the moment because of this week's Damir Doma and Rick Owens inspirational trip. Because it was such a good week, I spoiled myself. Woopsie!

On to the next fabulous week with lots of elan. Enjoy yours y'all!

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