Twenty questions, inspired by music, about fashion, style and livin' the elan life. All asked to panache people, working fashion, with outstanding enthusiasm and passion for what they do.

This issue: the 20 featuring Amber Myhre Bosch.

Amber Myhre Bosch is a freelance fashion stylist based in Amsterdam. She styles among others musicians Sabrina Starke, Miss Montreal, DJ TiĆ«sto and Alain Clark, works for magazines Glamcult, Elegance, LINDA. and more and is the Fashion Director of (amazing) Prestage magazine. Assisted by her Alexander Wang bag and silver-blond curls, she flourishes around town, shopping and styling for new projects whit tons of enthusiasm, a big smile and – I have to say – a bit of hysteria. This woman definitely knows how to style and her work always tells a story.
When did your love for fashion started out? “I've always had love for architecture, design and art. After studying I knew I wanted to work in the creative sector and if possible to do something with those three I love. After assisting different stylists for a period of time, my love for styling started growing. After a while I started to create my own fashion stories. Along the way I found out that architecture, design and art are my guidelines when I'm creating a fashion story and therefore the three combined are my styling strengths.”

“It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing.”
What's your favourite song? “I know it's terribly corny and so, so wrong, but at this particular moment it's...” (Amber started singing: "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na hot right now, turn it up right now! Ejo-ejo.") “... I think it's called 'Hot Right Now'.” 

What's your favourite movie? “That should be 'Something's Gotta Give'. It's the perfect romantic comedy with lots of awkward moments. I just can't stop laughing while watching it!”

In what piece of clothing do you feel yourself most fabulous at the moment? “In my super tight high waist American Apparel trousers. I feel damn sexy in them!”

What really motivates you at the moment? “Myself. The best motivation comes from within and there is no one more critical about my work than me, myself and I. I keep on pushing myself. The sky is the limit.”

Who's your favourite model? “That varies from time to time, but at this moment it's new face Anna from VDM Models. I just did a shoot with her for Prestage and I really love her pureness.”
What's you favourite drink for a night-out? (She said this witihin the glimpse of an eye) “Vodka red-bull! Cheers.”

What's you favourite city in the world?Amsterdam. I just love everything about Amsterdam. I was born and raised with clogs on, so everything in Amsterdam still amazes me: from the canals and the architecture to the amazing 9 Streets.”

“It's got me addicted, does more than any dick did.”
Everybody’s got one. What's your addiction
(With an 'everybody knows' face) “Red-bull and sigarettes. I'm such a healthy person!”

“Nasty put some clothes on, I told ya.”
What's the worst fashion gaffe you could think of? “Oh my, oh my! I absolutely hate those sheepy UGG boots. I know they are really comfy, but they are so damn ugly. Not flattering at all! Through them away if you wanna be fabulous.”
Styling | Amber Myhre Bosch
Wendelien Daan | Prestage Magazine

What's on top of your wish-list? “A Martin Margiela jacket designed by Margiela himself. Something I will never get and really regret I didn't buy it. I've tried those amazing jackets on a thousand times, without buying one. I will never get one the way I want it, because Margiela himself isn't Martin Margiela's designer anymore. Maybe, if I'm really lucky, I'll find one one day in a vintage designer store.”

 “You got soul, you got class. You got style, with your bad ass!”
Who's you favourite designer at the moment? “I'm really crazy about ACNE. Their designs are wearable but eccentric. They use lovely fabrics and their fashion is original.”
What's your best stylish buy ever? “My Alexander Wang bag and a vintage red Chanel jacket.”

Styling | Amber Myhre Bosch
Meinke Klein | Glamcult

Who's got some real swagger in fashion at this moment? “Karen Langley. She's a stylist and the Fashion Editor of Dazed & Confused. Her work is simply perfect.”

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Found out what it means to me.”
Who do you really respect working in fashion? “I don't respect one person in particular, but I really respect people who do an make fantastic, creative and wonderful things, but who always stay down to earth and who are true to who they really are.”

What's your favourite hot spot at the moment? (Laughing) “I love 'Koopman'. A tiny sandwich and fine meat shop located at the Elandsgracht in the Jordaan. They have the best meat-ball sandwich in the whole wide world!

Styling | Amber Myhre Bosch
Meinke Klein | Arnhem Mode Biennale

“Arm through the window of the city I maneuver slow.”
What's the 'best-dressed' city in the world? “Tokyo. Nothing's too much and everybody’s dressed-to-impress all day long, but it still looks effortless.”

“My persuasion can built a nation.”
Who's your all-time fashion icon? “Fashion designer Pierre Cardin. I love him. He a true inspiration and precursor of shapes and silhouettes in fashion. Still, there are a lot of designers that look at his shapes when they are designing a new collection.”

“I wish those days could come back once more.”
What's the most fabulous fashion moment you've ever experienced? I'm still getting there. I've experienced some amazing fashion moments, but I definitely know my most fabulous fashion moment still has to come.”

“Cause we're ordinary people. We don't know which way to go.”
Where do you see yourself in five years? “The future may take turns that you would never think of. I believe in jinxing so I won't say a thing about things that could happen. I will work hard, never expect, will love and be loved and simply see what the future has in store for me.”

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