Some define luxurious working out as training with a personal trainer. I like to define that differently. My definition of luxurious working out is bootcamp at the park, with a small group of motivated people and – ejo – Captain Jack (or Jacqueline) telling you to work it out. Let me rephrase: to move that ass!

The Bootcamp Club is the heavenly place where you can do this and where I do this. Their methodology is based on the routine of the U.S. Army. The routine is a cardiovascular and muscle strengthening full body work out that fits all fitness levels, men and woman. At The Bootcampclub they do it all: Running, fitness exercises and interval training. It's all about agility, endurance, strength and explosiveness. A one hour work out, all outdoors, back to fresco, back to basics.

Though it's still a bit chilly outside, we want to – some have to – get tight because our beloved summer is coming in. Besides getting in shape and caressing your ego you also get more energy, which is a thing I love. So we have to pump it, walk it, shake it (like a polaroid), squat it, jump it, bounce it, twist it & dip it, squeeze it, work it and drop it (like it's hot). Like really!

Ceen Warhen | Vogue Taiwan

Richard Phibbs | l'Equipe

Reading this some of you may think I got a sunburn. Well I don't, because the sun isn't shining that intense yet. I just honestly love to do it. Always with a bit of humor, elan, panache and of course in style. And now work it!

Visit The Bootcamp Club online by clicking here.
To get a visual impression of The Bootcamp Club click here.
This is fun! For humor by Nike click here.

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