Swaggy casual Italian chicness. That's what comes to my mind when I think of the Fall/Winter 2012 collection of menswear designer Andrea Pompilio. This gent is definitely one to watch! I am really crazy about Andrea Pompilio's Fall/Winter 2012 collection. It breaths style and luxury, but still got swag with a bit of humor. The perfect clash in my opinion.

Every style-conscious guy needs to have this label on his radar: A by Andrea Pompilio. Andrea Pompilio is definitely one of my favourites for 2012's Fall/Winter. I simply adore his collection. Worked for Allesandro dell'Acqua, Prada, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent, the man definitely knows what he is doing with his own label. The rich fabrics, my palette of colours, the scarves, the bags, the prints, the loose cut, yet Italian tailoring: it all has a nice twist I love.

Pompilio's look is unusual, but it doesn't shock you. That's how I like to dress and that's why I'm probably having such a crush on his label. See here my favourites chosen out of Andrea Pompilio's Fall/Winter 2012 show presented in Florence, Italy.

Luca Zanoni  |
And some more snaps.

When the Italian Vogue asked Pompilio to define his style in three words, his answer was “in-for-mal”. And that is something you can see. The collection was filled with uplifting elements. The fabrics were luxurious and cut masterfully creating modern silhouettes. Andrea shows us a sense of humor in clothing, but it still looks amazingly stylish. I can sense some casual citywear tweaked to chicness. And then there were the shoes: outspoken, but a real must-have. Damn, they are cool!

Pompilio is ambitious and he dares to take risks. His goal is to redefine modern menswear and I have to say that he is killing it. You make me want to have it all Pompilio. Make me more and more. If you got it, flaunt it!

Visit Andrea Pompilio online by clicking here.
To see the complete F/W 2012 runway show click here.
To see the complete collection click here.

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