On Friday the 20th of April sneaker store Baskèts opened its doors at the Elandsgracht in Amsterdam. Baskèts is not just a sneaker store, it's a high-end sneaker store. Baskèts sells high-end lines from Vans, Nike and Clarks, cool Amsterdam-based brands as Etiquette Amsterdam and LocalsAMS and much more awesomeness. And don't we adore high-end, limited, original and fresh sneakers? Yes, we do!

Another swaggy and panache addition to Amsterdam's cool fashion stores. One with a good name: 'baskèts' simply means 'sneakers' in French slang. I'm lovin' it! Owners Jeffrey Sluijzer and Daan de Greef did a great job with the brands. Baskèts distinguishes itself from other sneaker stores with their selection of exclusive brands. Sneakers at baskets range from casual chic to sophisticated on trend. There is definitely something (special) for every sneaker addict at Baskèts.

Not only the brands, but also the interior is flying as well. The new boutique looks amazing just as its 'clothing brother' Jefferson Hotel, situated next-doors. Interior designer Robin Sluijzer did a great job again! With its clean white and light wooded walls, yet with a bit of vintage freshness this store is a breath of fresh air.

To celebrate its opening Baskèts let the elan invitees toast with loveable Absolut Vodka cocktails. Always good on a Friday night, don't you think? I sure do! The vibe was weekend-ish an the crowd got fresh for the weekend.

Doing a little dance om my own footwear while enjoying an Absolut I ogled at all the sneakers I'd love to add to my collection: too many. They're all to die for. Baskèts got me greedy!

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