Jørn Utzon is the big man behind the design of Syndey's Opera House. The Danish architect has some real good feelings for timelessness, as he designed his masterpiece in 1957 and it's still looking temporary. It took some time to build The Opera House, as it was finally opened in 1973. Since June 2007 the building has made it to UNESCO's World Heritage List. Enough history-class for now.

I'm truly stunned by The Sydney Opera House. In May 2010 I had the privilige of seeing the building inside out. The Opera House is probably one of the most iconic buildings in the world and flares with panache. Whoever thinks of Sydney, thinks of The Opera House and the other way around.

Standing inside the iconic building you'll have a gorgeous view of The Sydney Harbour Bridge. I had the privilege to be there on a clear and sunny day, when the view was “better than ever” according to my tour guide.

Attending an opera at Sydney's Opera House is an enjoyment for your senses. The inside opera houses has been provided with special elements, making listening to an opera at The Opera House even better and purer than anywhere else according to the authorities.

Of course there is the possibility that you don't like opera music. In that case you must do a guided tour through the building. You will be amazed, I promise!

The place to be at a lovely sunset – and definitely at new year's eve – is The Opera Bar, situated next to The Opera House. With it's wide terrace overlooking Syndey's harbour, the elan Sydneysiders relish their cocktail here. Join them when you can!

To visit The Opera House virtually click here.
To visit The Opera Bar virtually click here.

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