Panache men, let me introduce to you: the colour suit. Brought to you by the catwalks from New York, London, Milan and Paris the colour suit will be a big trend this spring and summer.

I know the full coloured look is kinda hysterical, but my name is MR ELAN PANACHE. How hysterical can it get? The brighter the colour, the better if it's up to me. Some suits have prints, others don't. The more intense the print, the more neutral the colour and vice versa.

Givenchy for example came up with neutral colours, but with an over the top, yet beautiful and tropical parrot plant print. At Bottega Veneta the suits aren't fitted with loud prints, but they are fully bold coloured. Kenzo went all the way with heavy bolds and prints.  I can feel the summer already coming in. Don't worry if the colours are to heavy for you: there are some tempered down variants as well. Tommy hilfiger for example showed clean looks with subtile coloured details and Gucci brought us clean suits combined with coloured checkers.

Beneath I'll show you some colourful spring/summer 2012 catwalk looks from Givenchy, Kenzo, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger, which perfectly embody the trend I'm talking about.

 Yannis Vlamos |

 Filippo Fior |

Monica Feudi | 

 Yannis Vlamos |

 Alessandro Viero |

Aren't you the type of man who can handle all that colour and print? Simply add some brightness to your outfit with a nice coloured scarf, jacket, bag, hat or bow-tie for you evening look.

Dare to stand out from the crowd. Wear that suit with lots of elan. People will love it! A smile will appear on everybody's face by colouring the streetscape. Bright it up and enjoy a colour-popping summer!

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