It's time to dust off your jean jacket, because it's back in style. We probably all got one in the back of our closet. Celebs and fashion-people love the denim jacket. It's an all time favourite and it's getting more and more trendy at the moment. So wear this oldie with pride!

The jean jacket is highly versatile, what I love. You can wear your denim garment casual, preppy, chic and edgy. Go all the way with it. I am crazy about combining my jean jacket with a white shirt and a dandy bow-tie. The contrast between the sturdiness of the jacket and the panache of the bow-tie is perfection. I've given this particular kind of outfit the name 'Swag de Chique'. Woman could wear their jacket over a feminine look for an edgy update. Combined with sky high heels you'll bedazzle everybody. Be venturous and play with your piece of of denim just like the elan people beneath.


Nail the fit. The jean jacket that's trending right now is one that fits snugly. If you wear one that's too big, you will look like a Hells Angel, which is not a bad thing, it's just not the elan look I'm talking about. Get it?! The perfect jean jacket is the one with high cut armholes and where the torso hits right below your waist.

My personal favourite is the vintage jean jacket: one that looks like you've owned them for years. Please avoid the wrong ones with weird tints and washes. Acne, Wrangler, Levi's and Blue Blood have some really nice jackets in their collections.

A hard jean jacket gets grittier and better with age. My tip is to purchase your jacket at a vintage store. You'll get a slightly torn one and it's totally one of a kind. How cool is that?!

Is it sunny in the city and too warm for a jacket? Put on a denim shirt. It is almost identical to a jean jacket and your look will still have the same coolness.

The jean jacket is an addiction. It grows on you. I have a love affair going on with mine.  

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