If you ever go to Hong Kong, check out town's most fabulous club named Tazmania Ballroom. Owner Gilbert Yeung knows what the elan party crowd wants; this is a club how a club should be. Every Friday night Hong Kong's in crowd gathers here to toast to the weekend and embrace it with two arms.

The interior at Tazmania Ballroom is overwhelming. Starting at the entrance you will find yourself in a totally different world when you walk through the meters long corridor with it's trigonometrical dark lightened walls. Once you've entered the main area you'll be flabbergasted by the modern and rigid, yet rugged and rich interior which breaths luxury.

Don't you feel like dancing? At Tazmania there's more to do. Show off you skills at one of the pool tables or work the ping pong while enjoying a magnum bottle of champagne or sippin' one of the amazing cocktails. I can tell you: the list is long, so choose your cocktail smartly.

Tazmania Ballroom is pool meets ballroom, cool meets chic and game meets glam.

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