Upcoming spring/summer there should be a lot of Navajo out on the streets. This is actually a trend of last year's autumn/winter, but in my opinion the colours will definitely work better in summer.

I absolutely adore the Navajo trend! You can easily spice up your plain outfit with a hint of this trend. For example you can add a scarf to your outfit, like I did. Another great thing is that I can also use my scarf as a cool blanked, which lives up my livin' immediately.

Some people think the Navajo trend is kinda girlish, well, it's not. Take a look at the stylish men beneath. A big thank to the Indian tribes from South-West America who came up with the amazing characteristic patterns ans colours which embody the Navajo style.

We all know Pocahontas is a girl, but - hey - her bone structure's quite masculine. So, man out there: flourish around town by adding some Navajo to your look!

Lee Oliveira |

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