Some men live on sneakers forever. There's nothing wrong with that, sneakers are damn cool. I love a good “shoe balance” though. That means one day dressed up shoes and the other day sneakers. Keep it changing, keep it spicy!

There is actually a moment when you have to dress up. A time when you have to switch your sneakers into some brogues, oxfords or patent leathers. Nike and Cole Haan decided to collaborate and come up with a dressed up sneaker shoe: one with the sportiness of a Nike and the class of a Cole Haan. A shoe was born: Cole Haan Lunar Grand.

In February they launched the suede Cole Haan Lunar Grand line and on the 3rd of March they launched a leather line as well.

The shoe's top is a typical Cole Haan brogue, but the bottom is a typical Nike Lunar one. So now you can walk the New York or Tokyo marathon with lots of panache. Cole Haan en Nike managed to pair a high-fashion runway look with a dash of streetwear swag. Awesomeness all over if it's up to me!

So hurry up to Cole Haan if you're in The Big Apple. You're not in New York? Ask a friend who's there to get them, beacause the shoes are probably sold out within the wink of an eye!

To visit Cole Haan virtually click here.
To visit Nike viritually click here.

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