Chosen out of Men's Paris Fashion Week I came to an absolute favourite AW13 collection. A collection where uptown meets downtown and from a designer who knows his tailoring inside out. Too bad I didn't notice this designer before, 'cause he's a true talent that knows how to mix different styles to one perfect clash, which we wanna wear all. I'm talking about men's wear designer Juun J..

Juun J.'s decidedly modern approach to design is deeply rooted in his masterly knowledge in classic tailoring where he shatter old notions to create new and refreshing silhouettes catching the modern eye. Largely inspired by youth and street culture Juun J. aptly calls this 'street tailoring'.

I'm absolutely over the moon by the AW13 collection Juun J. brought us at Paris Fashion Week. He showed us a sturdy, but elegant look with an oversized powerful silhouette. The feel was wide and big, but at the same time tailored and suited. There was an army colour palette, which I adore, with highlights of metallic and creamy white topped by showstopping neoprene sweaters with bold fairylike animals on it.

The looks I loved most are the ones with short signature boxy bomber jackets integrated into long wool coats as you see above. It's the perfect clash between the Parisian chique and the Tokyo streetstyle boys, where the classy classes dine with the edgy street-ish hipsters. Juun J.'s the bomb(er)!

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