I'm back to life and back to reality. The holiday season already seems far-far away like an ancient story and working life started again. Talking about the holiday season I spent mine in NYC, Paris and hometown Amsterdam and, gosh, it was amazing. So this post will be an intro to 2013 with a flashback to my holidays with some Parisian and city-that-never-ever-sleeps vibes. Saying that I still have to wish y'all a happy new year, since I haven't posted anything since December '12. Shame on me! Some people say it's too late to do the happy new year thing, but since it's a positive thing I think we can just pull it off and still say it, right?! So here it comes: A splendid and booming 2013 with lots of love and fantastic moments with your loved ones. May it be your best year so far with tons of elan and panache!

My holiday season started out with a trip with one of my besties to amazing concrete jungle where dream are made of: New York City. It was my first time in the Big Apple and I'm totally hooked. I'm in love with buzzy NYC! I think I just need to live there once. I'm in love with its lights, the restaurants, the skyscrapers, the beat, the hysteria, the yellow cabs, lovely Central Park, the thousands of squirrels, all the cool shops and brands, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Upper East Side, Meatpacking District, the three big bridges, hidden spots, clubs, the streetstyle, the ambition, the windows, the lofts, the brick walls, the theaters, the art, the dance, the museums, the vibe and so much more. I could go on for at least a day why I'm so crazy in love with this amazing metropole which makes you shine bright like a diamond of excitement and ambition. I was fortunate my gorge friend, Vivian, already went to NYC so she new some cool places. Besides that we have some friends living there who showed us around and “Heya, I'm going to NYC, so hook me up with the coolest spots in town” on Facebook is the best idea, so that's what we did. In one of my next posts I will tell you more about my favourite spots in NYC, with an – as I may say so myself – impressive and amazing list of hotspots which makes you wanna go to beloved New York right away, oh right away. I wanna be a part of it: New York, New York!

With Christmas I was in Amsterdam, but right afterwards I went to Paris, je t'aime. No, not alone, but with the 10 of us, so sweet and chique Paris had to prepare for some hysteria. We were only there for two days, but a ball we had. We wandered Le Marais and the Jardin des Tuileries and its surroundings, and as my friends and I are real foodies we ate and ate, and no, not only the delicious macarons from best in town Pierre Hermé. We had lunch at typical French restaurant Chartier, which is simple, but so-so good and had dinner at stunning Kong. An amazing hotspot right at Pont Neuf, overlooking the Seine with an amazing glass domed roof. The food as well as the interior at Kong is a fight between the moderns and the classics. The atmosphere is as if Philippe Starck met a Japanese geisha in Paris and the food is a fusion between the French and Japanese kitchen, which leads to the perfect collaboration between distinctive culinary traditions which makes your mouth water. Kong is a feast for your senses, a must visit in Paris. It isn't by accident they shot Sex & The City as well as Gossip Girl at this panache restaurant.

Now, back on track in Amsterdam, the fashion hysteria began again speaking about the men's fashion weeks all around the globe started in London, now happening in Milan followed by Paris later on this week. That last one, the one in Paris, I will visit. I just got back from Paris, but I can't wait to go again, especially 'cause I will visit some runway shows. Bring on those macarons and show me some drooling men's fashion & swagger at Paris Men's Fashion Week!

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