A big, big toast to 150 years of Bacardi. To celebrate this 150th anniversary, the Cuban spirit decided to through some bashes. Not one, but one hundred and fifty parties to be precise. Yes, you've read that correctly. ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY. So put on those dancing shoes, work your attire and fix that hair fiercely.

Bacardi was founded on February the 4th, 1862 by – there it comes – Don Facundo Bacardí Massó in Santigo de Cuba. Hail to Mr. Bacardi, because his cocktails are lip-licking good. Bacardi revolutionized the spirits industry by pioneering and developing many rum-making standards. A big hooray to 150 years of that!

On an evening like this Bacardi brings the elan crowd together to make a little love, do some big dancey moves on awesome tunes and – of course – to sip those damn tasty cocktails. The first Bacardi Birthday Bash took place in the beloved city of Amsterdam on Friday the 1st of June at a fabulous location. I've had a ball at the first party with a bunch of my besties.

The expectations were high as Bacardi promised us a Bacardi-evening like never before. Guess what? They did a bloody good job! The invite-only party was held at 'Het Sieraad' in Amsterdam. A freaking cool venue with different areas and a beautiful main hall, where the main stage was located, with a panache 15-meter high glass ceiling.

People looked fly, the DJ's boomed those turntables, the Showpony-dancers and runners were gorgeously fierce and the shakers shook those Mojito's, Oakhearts and Cuba Libres like bellydancers move their bodies. Lots of people went home with sore feet, which was the perfect answer to a night of Bacar-dé-par-té-success. Next please!

To visit Bacardi's 150th anniversary site click here.
Watch the 150-party-Bacardi-video by clicking here.

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