It's spring, summer is coming up and I'm feeling so damn beachy. That's probably why my thoughts keep drifting off to a beach I visited some time ago. Not just a beach, Whitehaven Beach.

Whitehaven Beach is the jewel in the crown of the Whitsunday Islands. Without a doubt Whitehaven is one of world's most stunning beaches. It's located in Australia's Great Barrier Reef at Whitsunday Island. The breathtaking snow white beach got you 'beachstruck' in the glimpse of an eye.

With its crystal clear water, ultra clean sand and a 7 km long stretch you will find yourself in paradise at Whitehaven Beach. Although Whitehaven Beach is a well known beach among travellers, it's never crowed. Probably because it's not that easy to go there. It's still a hidden treasure. And gosh, we love treasures. Don't we?!

You can do some amazing snorkeling there as well!

Whitehaven is known for its sparkling white sand. The sand at the beach consists of 98 percent pure white silica, which gives the sand its crispy white colour. The sand is so clean and pure that you can scrub your skin with it and it will feel as soft as a baby bum. You can even polish up your jewellery with it. And I can tell you: the jeweller will be jealous of your swag's shininess.

A visit to this amazing beach is a feast for your senses, makes you feel panache and feeds you with lots of elan. You just have to go there once in your life!

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